We are going to see a bunch of weirdness today as all major software vendors are patching their infrastructure against some serious hardware flaws in all CPU chips today. Your machine may say it cannot activate..certain Internet based things may be slow or not work at all…there could be simply strange slowdowns or malfunctions. This is due to massive patching and subsequent rebooting on things all over the net. For folks on-premises stuff patches will be incoming to mitigate the meltdown vulnerability…Spectre is going to require hardware changes to modern processors themselves.  Luckily there are some things you can do to help.  one of them is to strictly follow my basics of not getting infected and stay out of the cloud for critical, privacy or compliance related workloads. I have already had one of my laptops suddenly say it could not activate and it has been activated for 6 months. Unless it becomes a critical business issue my advice is to not panic..and just hang on for the ride..it will subside.  I am now compiling my information for my paper on the two flaws named Spectre and Meltdown.  As usual there is a ton of half-reporting and flat out misinformation out there.  I will endeavor to cut through all of the noise(and there is a ton of it right now) and get things boiled down to the real facts.