ETC Maryland has not jumped into the “managed IT” for quite a while now.  My main concerns were anything cloud based.  While ETC Maryland sees the market demand for network monitoring I was unable to find a solution that met my security standards. One of the things I wanted to find is a remote monitoring agent WITHOUT remote access built in. I do not want to route remote access through a third party. Every single RMM vendor I could find had a remote access component that routed the remote access through third party servers.  This means I, as the technician, could not vouch for the security of the solution for remote access as I was not in control of the server, the encryption keys, or the encryption certificate. If(or more likely when) a remote provider is compromised, ALL of those third party networks are now open to what is effectively an insider attack and ETC Maryland bears the liability for a third party mistake. As ETC Maryland runs a remote access server in house…I am in control of the server, the encryption keys, the encryption certificate, and I know where the traffic is going. As one major RMM vendor(Kaysea) has been compromised TWICE I had to make sure the attack surface was as small as possible. I think I have finally found that vendor and I am researching them now.