ETC Maryland has been HTTPS only for a long time now.  Google has been warning of its intention to start deranking and marking sites as insecure as of today, July 24, 2018.  For both business owners and web design professionals, if your host is not providing HTTPS by default and charging extra for a basic SSL certificate for your site you are being charged for something that costs literally nothing to provide.  For SEO marketing firms this makes your job much more difficult if you are fighting your web host and Google because your web host is not providing something that makes your customers site rank higher by default and kills their rankings if it is not provided.

There are still many vendors not offering free basic SSL(HTTPS) for every single account yet.  ETC Maryland has been on the forefront of website security and value for more than two years now in Frederick County.  From free basic SSL through Let’s Encrypt, to a proper multi-level backup strategy, free private domain registrations, to competitive pricing, ETC Maryland continues to innovate in the Frederick County and Maryland webhosting markets.  If your host is not providing these services for the same pricing without harsh, hidden limits contact us.