Does your webhost provide everything in this video?  ETC Maryland hosting does.  One of the biggest security lapses is ongoing maintenance of the website code.  This is keeping the sites code updated, protected, account isolation, and multiple layer(and as a bonus ransomware resistant) backups.  ETC Maryland, with it’s fully managed offering, can provide all of these needs for you, all you have to do is keep your content updated.  If you want a lower cost version ETC Maryland’s Enhanced WordPress provides the basics with the updates managed by you, the client.  Watch this video from Wordfence and compare it to other hosting providers.  ETC Maryland has two WordPress hosting tiers:

  1.  Enhanced WordPress Hosting
  2.  Fully Managed Webhosting

Here are the features in common to both tiers:

*Free Customizr Pro Theme
*Free Wordfence Security Plugin
*Free Basic SSL by Lets Encrypt
*Free Dedicated IPV6 Address
*Free Private Domain Registration
*Gzip compression enabled to reduce your transfer usage
*Client managed
*Secured Control Panel Access(Virtualmin)
*Secured FTP file access
*Account Isolation Enhances You Account Security
*Webalizer and AWstats analytics
*Triple Nightly Backups
*Backup archive is 14 days

Ask your webhost about their backup plan.  Most of them place the backups on the same server your site is on.  If that server goes down or gets hacked or the hosts datacenter has issues you have nothing to recover your site with.  ETC Maryland has a 3 layered backup system as noted in this earlier post.  For the enhanced WordPress hosting if you determine your site is hacked all you have to do is contact me and i will restore from the most recent backup…or one that is determined to be before the site was compromised(up to 14 days).

With the Fully Managed WordPress Hosting you also get your sites security fully managed.  This includes:

  1.  ETC Maryland fully manages your WordPress site in terms of security updates and patches.
  2. Your site is monitored on an ongoing basis for threats and adjustments are made as needed.
  3. This package includes : Live tracking of accessing, country blocking, malware scanning , DNS hijack alerting, among others. Includes Unlimited security updates to WordPress and all plugins by ETC Maryland.
  4. Site cleanup time of two hours is included. After this the most recent backup will be restored.

Watch the WordPress video below and compare ETC Maryland to your favorite host.  ETC Maryland is not only price competitive but also takes your data security to levels most hosts do not.  Contact us to request more information.