RedHat is out to make money…I do not begrudge them that.  However they have now resorted to moving things into their own form of lock-in via directory services:

RedHat KB Page

Considering that directory services is a HUGE portion of any large network layout, it stands to reason RH would want to leverage it.  Unfortunately they are removing the open source OpenLDap package as of RHEL 8 and making directory services an ADDITIONAL subscription under their plans.

This means I will be shifting ETC Maryland’s entire Linux software stack over the next year to Ubuntu LTS.  I have happily used RHEL for more than a decade but with this move that time has come to a close.  This is a small change(in my space…not in the enterprise space) but it is one that is going to affect my and my client’s business.  It’s time to make the shift now so I do not get caught in a bad spot that shifts like this by larger vendors inevitably lead to….lock-in that is EXTREMELY difficult to get out of unless you get out before the lock-in occurs.