It took a long time for me to settle on a control panel for all of the ETC Maryland hosting offers.  There are the big ones like Cpanel, Plesk and others.  I saw their pricing and I also trialed them on the servers I was going to start my hosting business on.  They had very high system requirements, had massive codebases that were never independently audited(or audited rarely), and I felt uncomfortable with their way of doing business.  I finally found Virtualmin and liked the fact the free package is fully open-source.  Their pricing has always been reasonable.  Their feature set in the paid Pro version is what allows me to offer then entire stack of features that my shared hosting and dedicated hosting offer.  Virtualmin allows me to keep my costs down so I can offer the pricing I do and still be able to actually keep my service running. C;anel has recently announced a very different price schedule.  For some providers that are on a monthly plan they have less than a month’s worth of notice.  others had three days.  There is a large thread on about this.  When you are looking for a web host or a dedicated server provider, the bigger ones are not always the best.  Take a look at my shared hosting offerings.  If what you see there does not fit contact us and we can work with you.