oh yes we always see this when a breach occurs:

“Safeguarding our customer’s information is core to our mission. We are committed to protecting our customers against misuse of their information and have invested heavily in cybersecurity,” Network Solutions says. “We will continue to do so as we incorporate the key learnings of this incident to further strengthen our cyber defenses.”

This time it is Network Solutions, a unit of Web.com. The following sites are all part of this breach: Networksolutions.com, Web.com, and register.com. The thing I am seeing is that companies are touting how much they have spent..not how they spent it. You can have all the cybersecurity tech in the world but if it is not properly configured, managed, maintained and users are properly trained you have issues like this.

If you are not 100% sure your network is msalware/ransomware, intrusion resistant, contact ETC Maryland for an evaluation.

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