The UN had a massive breach of its systems that was only recently disclosed.  Of course, in an effort to deflect accountability, the tired sophisticated, or saying it was a nation state was trotted out.  This is total rubbish.  If you have known vulnerabilities and have been warned by independent auditors that your systems are insecure, it is only a matter of time before you get compromised.  The UN is not trusted for many reasons and this just adds to their trust problems.  If your network is insecure, you need to get it secured ASAP.  If you choose not to then your fate will be one like the UN or many other organizations that find themselves taken over.  Securing your network should be your top priority.  If your network has never been audited contact ETC Maryland to make sure you will not become the UN, Equifax, or any number of other organizations that find themselves compromised by somebody who shouldn’t be there.