So a story is going around about an Android component update…however it’s mainly the non-pixel phones that are being affected. All other android vendors install other software in addition to just Android. Int he case of Samsung it’s android, then Samsung’s software, then Facebook’s oculus, then the carrier crapware. It’s not uprising that given all of the code running on top of just android that problems surfaced. It’s good to see Google fixed the issue…this is one of the biggest problems with the Android ecosystem.
If you want to have the best Android experience the only way to go is a Pixel line of phones form Google. Otherwise It’a Apple. both the Pixel and IOS do not allow the carriers to install tons of crapware, you do not have to wait for all of the other vendors to integrate the update into their software, and all updates come directly from the OEM.
There may be flashy features and addons from the other phones..but you get issues like this and a regular basis. They do not always makes the tech press..but they are there. I have gotten many client’s devices to perform much better doing cleanups…but the only way to avoid these types on update/integration problems is to stick with either the Google Pixel line or IOS.