Remember this post?  My quest for an open source hypervisor as part of my ongoing software stack continues.  It appears SCALE will not be part of that stack going forward.  I have since figured out that SCALE is not going to be able to handle the use case I am looking for.  SCALE is designed to handle containers and their ilk not “legacy” virtual machines.  It also turns out SCALE does not have the ability to act as an ISCSI initiator to it’s own TrueNAS Core storage system..despite the base OS(Debian) having an Iscsi client built in.  As ISCSI is not a priority for SCALE it looks like I will continue my research in a different direction.  I have identified other alternatives:

  1.  Proxmox
  2. XCP-NG

I would REALLY like to find a good BSD based hypervisor though as I am trying to move away from Linux as much as possible.