A common refrain i see from folks is they are having problems with IOS and Unifi.  I simply do not have these problems..but I have some default settings I use on every single site I setup to start with.  These are controller settings..i use on everything.  Cloudkey, CloudKey G2(and the plus), Unifi Dream Machine(UDM) and the Unifi Dream Machine Pro(UDMP:)..  Below are the default settings i use for all base setups.  The only other settings i change are the power radiation settings..aka auto, high, medium, or low.  Now I know there’s toms of other tweaks you can use..but none of my clients are so dense that I have to tweak those…just as an FYI.  Most users I have seen having issues will be served by these settings and will solve many of these issues as most of them are lower density like my clients.  If you do not see a setting in these screenshots i have left them at Unifi defaults before any other tweaks.  Here we go:

Site Settings

Internal 1

Internal 2

Guest 1

Guest 2

AP Settings