You can also see there service alerts on the Twitter page.

This upcoming Sunday Jun 27, all web services will be offline from 5pm until midnight. This is to facilitate a server replacement and upgrade. New hardware, operating system, and Internet connection will all be upgraded.  The operating system will also be upgraded to the latest LTS version of Ubuntu Linux as the control software has been validated for this version of Linux.  Web1 will be repurposed and renamed to provide other services for ETC Maryland clients.  A new server has been in testing for more than two months and will become the new web1.  It has a newer, faster CPU with more threads, 64 gigs of ram, a faster SSD and a 1 gigabit connection to the internet versus a 50 megabit connection right now.

I have scheduled this maintenance window from 5pm to midnight.  While I do not anticipate this taking that long..i have reserved this window in the event there is some unforeseen problem.  For those who control their own DNS your ip addresses will not be changing as the ip information will be programmed into the new server so not changes will be required on your end.  If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.