I just completed a server replacement.  Here’s the vitals on the two machines:

Old Web1:

Dual Xeon 6 core L5640
12 cores w/HT @ 2,2ghz for a total of 24 threads
cpu release date 2010
64 gigs ram
dual ssd’s in RAID1.
50 megabit connection
Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
Virtualmin Hosting Control Panel

New Server:
Dual Xeon 8 core E5-2650 v2
16 cores @ 2.8 GHZ w/HT for a total of 32 threads
cpu release date 2013
64 gigs of ram
Dual SSD’s in RAID 1
300+ megabit connection
Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
Virtualmin Hosting Control Panel

The biggest thing I had been fighting with is WordPress not being happy about imagick..even though it was installed and operating. WordPress control panels now all say the site health is good..something I had not been able to get with the old server. Now let the tweaking being as there are some thing I do not care for(like how PHP is being executed). All sites are running nicely and over the next few months I am going to see if i can wring more performance out of the machine. The newer cpus have had one dramatic effect though. While server load never went above 2 on a regular basis..i am now seeing the server running at 0.02 on an ongoing basis. Time to challenge one of my clients who says he wants to storm the box..:)