This client had an update come through and it caused the live audio stream to go offline from the site.  If you knew the address you could get to it manually but very few people want to enter a line of obscure code to hear the content they are looking for.  This fully managed client, WTHU Radio in Thurmont, Maryland, had an update for their site’s theme come through.  The result was the listen live functionality stopped working.  As part of the Fully Manged service I proceeded to analyze the logs, figure out the problem, implement a workaround, and then come up with a plan of action going forward to update the site so all updates could be applied properly in the immediate future.

So how did i fix this issue?  I first had to go back two days in the backups to restore site functionality after determining the theme update was the cause.  I then disabled updates for the theme which allowed the site to apply all other updates and keep functionality.  The plugin responsible for live audio streaming will have to be replaced with another one…that process is ongoing.  Once that is completed, the theme will be updated as a test.  if all goes well, the site will be back to regular scheduled updates and functionality.  How long did this take for me to diagnose and implement a workaround?  45 minutes..which is covered as part of the Fully Manged hosting service.

So what’s the value of the fully managed tier?  Clients on a non Fully Manged tier would either have to pay my hourly rate for all of the above work or figure out the issue themselves and/or request a back restoration on their own.  Compare the cost of the fully manged tier against GoDaddy or BlueHost or another provider who doesn’t provide a fully managed tier by default.  Also consider the security of the host if they do provide a fully managed tier along with the service offerings of ETC Maryland.  Also consider that ETC Maryland hosting does NOT inject code into your site that tries to hang around when you move. Sometimes this code makes it nearly impossible to run your site elsewhere.

If you have any questions you can Contact US.

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