ETC Maryland does not run any services on a third party cloud.  The one thing the cloud providers don’t tell you is that if you stay with their lower end plans(and most folks do) you are restricted to one zone.  WHEN that zone has a have no redundancy.  When you then factor int he costs for being present in more than one zone most folks have sticker shock.  It’s not cheap to run a datacenter…and when you want to spread yourself across more than one with the cloud providers, it gets REALLY expensive in a hurry.  With more and more companies basing their infrastructure off AWS and others, it is now imperative you ask what is your back end powered by?  Are they powered by a cloud provider or servers under your direct control?  The AWS EAST zone is Amazon’s biggest and oldest zone and has been the center of several outages.  Even Amazon has some of it’s core operations disrupted by this own outage. As CNBC reports…the AWS outage took many of Amazon’s systems offline.

ETC Maryland has grown to the point where we can start spreading out some services to another datacenter by another company as well.  Again, not Amazon,. Google, Azure or(insert name of cloud provider here).  We are planning, in the future, to have all ETC Maryland services replicated between both datacenters one day in the future.  It is only thanks to the clients that continue to put their faith and trust in ETC Maryland that has allowed us to continue to grow.

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