ETC Maryland has contracted with Symbiotic Marketing, LLC to create a new website consistent with the official incorporation of Emmanuel Technology Consulting to Emmanuel Technology Consulting, INC. DBA ETC Maryland.  YES..the ETC Maryland moniker is official!!!  Once the site is completed the domain will change but the old domain will be usable for folks to be able to reach me.  I have reached the point that if I want to grow any larger I had to incorporate as a full C-corporation.  It means a ton more work on the back end but I am up for the challenge and I cannot wait to see where things go from here.

Next up is pricing.  As per my earlier announcement, new pricing has taken effect.  My previous server upgrade saw my costs quadruple!  I did not have to raise my hosting rates by anything nearly that drastic I do not have any product that is a loss leader.  My rates increases where able to be much more management while still being highly competitive not only locally but nationally both in terms of services offered and pricing.

I would also like to announce the starting of e-mail security services for WordPress hosting clients.  These service tiers are independent of the hosting pricing.  You must, however, have a hosting account with ETC Maryland to use the e-mail security service.  The new website will have a better layout for the offering..:)

IN April Ubuntu will release their 22.04 LTS version.  Hopefully within 60 days of that release testing can be completed by both myself and my hosting control panel vendor, Virtualmin, and I can upgrade the infrastructure to it.  The biggest upgrade here will be the inclusion of PHP 8.1.  PHP 8.1 should, without tweaking, give a 25% boost to PHP operations.  WordPress is a 100 percent PHP application.  This should give all ETC Maryland accounts a noticeable uptick in speed without any further modifications.

That’s just the beginning.  I would like to thank all of my current clients for the amazing 2020-2021.  It has been the biggest growth years in this businesses history.  i look forward to 2022 with all of my clients and all future clients.  Your success is my success.  As I hear feedback i try to incorporate it into future plans…and I sometimes surprise my clients with goodies too.  Here’s to a great 2022!