Remmber this post?

I had mentioned I was going to move away from PFSense CE because Netgate said they are turning their focus to PFSense Plus.  They then started saying come to PFSense+ for’s free and eventually wil be $129/year.  Well that has now changed.  If you want PFSense Plus for “free” you have to purchase one of their appliances.  They are a bit pricey at each level and I would only recommend the 6000 series and higher.  Well the shoe that has dropped is now if you want to run PFSense Plus on your own hardware, it’s either 400/yr or 800/year for their tac support subscriptions.  Netgate had already said in the previous post the CE version would be now up to the community to keep going.  Netgate will host it…but they are shifting towards their Plus product.  Now Netgate in their current post says that your ability to run the recently discontinued homelab license MAY(aka will) result in your inability to get timely updates to Plus without a TAC subscription.  I have a video i am making that will be linked here once uploaded to Facebook giving further details.

Here is the video for more details.