Sprint just plain sucks.  We’ve been customers for over 10 years..yet they say we’ve only been there for 8.  That’s not what irks me.  What really irks me is the constant threat of account suicide I have to face anytime i call sprint for anything and they have to so much as look at my account….because… inevitably…something gets hosed.  Time to upgrade?  Go for it..at your own risk.  You’ll spend hours..maybe days on the phone having to troubleshoot things for them.  I do this everytime any of us upgrades.  Heaven forbid something goes wrong..not only will they NOT fix the original problem but you can count on a new one being added.

Recently I’ve been through issue after issue.  First it’s the data plan scam.  Finally after 8 years of bad cell coverage they send us a femtocell(they call it the airave).  When it works..it’s great…unfortunatly i’ve been dailng with the ensuing account suicide ever since.  About 50% of the time the airave siply stop working.  About the other half of hte time the mobile light starts flashing.  Either time i ahve to powercycle the iditic thing.  If it’s not hardware it’s the account usicide.  Sometimes the airave works fine but the network then tlels us we are not authoirzed to make clals on the airave…even though the website and customer service show we have hte device properly authoirizedl  When htis happens we effectivly have ero service as the phones default to it as it dows act as a cellular tower..of course we then have no service.  We’ve been daling with this garbage now for over a month and a half with no end in sight.  NO wonder sprint is beelding cusomters.  things were ok but the past two years have been orrid.  the problem is..t-mobile, att, verizon..they all suck too AND they are more expensive to boot!

I’m looking into other technologies to move my business phone too.  This is beyond stupid and frankly if i am the only one who does this fine.  However it’s time we stopped standing for this overpriced, putrid cesspool of service and demand something better..even if it’s NOT wireless in nature.

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