The design geniuses at Apple, who are yet to come up with an iPhone 4 which did not have some serious design flaws, are scratching their heads about the latest problem which has hit the cargo cults latest toy.Apple recently released the iPhone 4S which was an iPhone 4 with some software that only Americans could use and the stupid antenna design abandoned. While it was a clever idea to make users pay for something that many manufacturers would be morally bound to recall, it turns out that the iPhone 4S has a design problem all of its own.For some reason the iPhone 4S loses battery faster than its users can charge it. Normally this is not a problem. The iPhone only has to be charged long enough for its users to attempt to convert other people to the Apple cult. It is not as if they use it to call their friends. But it seems that the iPhone 4S cant even manage this task.With normal use, it dropped 19 percent in 50 minutes and sometimes the battery dropped away at an even faster rate than that. Battery life has been dropping ten per cent an hour even when the optional location settings have been switched off.Since the only thing different about the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 4 is the chip, the fault has been narrowed down to the operating system that was also installed on the phone. It turns out that the iOS 5 cant really handle the new hardware.After shedloads of complaints on Apple bulletin boards and lots of suggested fixes an Apple store staff member was able finally to fix the problem.He claimed it was because the OSs location services was constantly checking location especially for the Time Zone.He was able to solve the problem by switching everything off in the Location Services > System Services menu except for Cell Network Search. His phone now lasts “pretty much the whole day”.While the fault has been causing frustration for users, Apple has done its usual “refusing to comment” thing. To admit there is a fault, means that the iPhone 4S is not as perfect as Apple says it is, and that would create a religious paradox.However, behind the scenes, the outfits engineers have been contacting some iPhone 4S owners who have complained of battery life issues individually and asked them to install a monitoring program on their phones to try to diagnose the problem.But the Sydney Morning Herald has found another serious software fault affecting battery life on the iPhone 4SMathew Peterson, who runs the Australian app development company TheLittleAppFactory, said he found that another problem affecting the iPhone 4S battery life was the iCloud contacts syncing code, which crashes repeatedly when it hit corrupt contacts in a loop.This harms those who have upgraded from previous iPhone models and causes the phones processor to work extra hard. The result is that the phone runs “noticeably warm” and it causes “the battery to drop 20-30 percent in 10-15 minutes”.It can be fixed by disabling contacts in iCloud or restarting the device. Peterson said that you really have to install the entire OS and then copy the contacts back on.

via Iphone 4S drains battery like a vampire – Turns users into Zombies | TechEye.