It started off decent but it got too frustrating to tolerate any longer.  I’ll give the list of pro’s first as it is much much shorter:


1.  S-pen

2. Quad core cpu



1.  QHD screen is a battery killer

2. Typical Samsung bloatware

3.  Fingerprint Scanner doesn’t work well

4.  Lollipop’s voice recognition is terrible

5.  Battery life stinks

6.  Cellular RF performance is nearly Galaxy Nexus level(aka it’s not good)

7.  Too small

I had concerns about the QHD screen being a battery killer and sure enough it is.  There is NO REASON for anything above 720p on a sub 7 inch device honestly.  Samsung is known for it’s touchwiz bloatware.  The fingerprint scanner is marginal at best.  I routinely have to scan my fingers twice and up to 5 times.  I’ve re-registered and reset the fingerprints to no avail.  Lollipops voice recognition is also not very good.  I can say call mike’s mowing and the note 4 ALWAYS displays mike mowing.  Then for an additional irritation the phone doesn’t use it’s google-foo on the contacts to find something close.(my mega running 4.4.2 WILL do a relevance search and at least ask if i mean mike’s mowing.)  I have observed a 25% drop is LTE reception on this device as well.  I have been dropping calls left and right during this 3 week period.  While i can easily control the cpu power usage the screen is a total battery killer.  These may seem trivial but added together this phone has become a total frustration in terms of usage of my mobile device.  So the Note 4 goes back and i am reactivating my Galaxy mega.

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