I tried it for 60 days but in the end I had to go back to android. I actually went full bore into it stayed totally inside the Apple ecosystem.  It wasn’t pleasant.  My belief that IOS is a media consumption system was fully confirmed.  Android is the better choice for folks who want to get business/work done.  I am going to list hte pros and cons of IOS:


IOS is very well designed in terms of security.  It isn’t perfect by any means but hardware backed encryption from the very beginning is huge.

IOS is battery friendly by default.  I did not have to tweak a bunch of things.  The 6+ is smaller in capacity than my nexus 6 but IOS is much more battery efficient.

Playing multimedia of nearly any type is dead simple.

Very large ecosystem of apps.

Apple Maps is much improved.

Voice dictation accuracy is top notch.

Resale value is high.



The hardware looks nice but it is not durable.   I was not able to use my phone holder with my IP6+ because the case bent.  This race to thin is getting ridiculous.

Buying music on the phone is easy.  To stream not to keep on your phone.

Siri will not search music many times if you do not have a subscription to apple music.

Siri is about stupid for anything else.  I finally had to install google’s app so i can tell the phone to navigate to x and get the actual address not a web listing of possible results.

no quick charging.  I can plug in my nexus 6 from nearly zero and have it fully charged in less than on hour most times.

I had problems with the screen not being accurate to touches or not responding to the first one.  This occurred with ios 8 and ios 9.


In the end i have reactivated my Nexus 6.  I can simply get more work done.  your device should not hamper your workflow and that is precisely what the IPhone did for my workflow…hampered it.  I have always told clients that each has their place and it depends on their use case.  Many folks but the Iphone based on name recognition and unfortunately that’s the wrong way to do this.  If you want an honest recommendation about which device you should use for your use case feel free to contact us.  I will ensure you get the right device for your environment without bias towards either mobile operating system.