Just like Sun got borged by oracle IBM has borged RedHat:

Press Release by RedHat

I posted I am moving to Ubuntu in a recent post.  This has the effect of moving me even faster.  This also explains why there has been ZERO movement towards a RHEL 8 alpha.  In order to maximize value for the acquiring company you will do your best to hold fast so as to maximize the value for the acquiring company..moving forward with costly development of a new RHEL would not bring value to IBM until after the closing of the purchase.  IBM may be saying good things to assuage the Open Source community…but if you are running a small business and Linux is your foundation….it is time to move to another distribution.  Ubuntu is my next move.  My backup vm for my webservers is now Ubuntu, my second webserver is Ubuntu and soon my main webserver will be Ubuntu.

*UPDATE* ZDNET wondered about this very thing…back in 2009: