I recently posted about a web hosting client that got their site compromised and how another web developer was wanting what I feel is an exorbitant amount of money for their offered service.  I have received a testimonial from the primary web developer of that site:

William at ETC Maryland is amazing – he’s super knowledgeable and helpful. I’m a graphic/web designer and a client of mine had her site hacked recently… William to the rescue! He suggested we upgrade to Fully Managed Hosting and then proceeded to not only restore the site but he painstakingly went through all the potential places a hacker could enter the site and either fixed them himself, worked with my client and I to do what was necessary or advised me on how to take care of things on my end so the site would be secure. He did all of this in a *very* timely manner. And his cost is very reasonable for the level of attention and security provided. (I had another acquaintance offer to help me for more than 2x the price!) My client is happy and I’m happy. The site is secure. I highly recommend ETC Maryland!

Latifah B Shay

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