Just read the below paragraph.  Keep in mind what this means..it means that malware and all of the associated security problems are now fully available throughout everything..tablets, phones, desktops..etc etc etc.  Not a good thing.


At Microsofts Windows Phone Summit in San Francisco this morning, Redmond officially announced Windows Phone 8. The company confirmed what weve suspected for many months now: Windows Phone 8 will be built around the same core components as Windows 8.The current Windows Phone 7.5 operating system is built on Microsofts Windows CE platform, designed for embedded systems with tight memory constraints and slow processors. Windows Phone 8 will instead be built on the Windows NT platform, and in so doing will inherit its much richer feature set: support for multicore processors, robust file systems, extensive device driver support, a capable multimedia framework, and more.

via Windows NT coming to phones with Windows Phone 8 | Ars Technica.