Hold onto your seats folks I am dropping a bombshell…I have purchased and am awaiting arrival of…my new Iphone6+. Not the S but the first 6.

Why? There isn’t an android manufacturer i either want to deal with or trust. Case in point:

  1.  Samsung has crappy hardware and horrid software.  Plus their crappy software vacums up more data as well.
  2. Motorola is now owned by Lenovo which has been caught TWICE installing trojans onto their laptops. With the goldmine that is a cellphone I cannot trust Lenovo won’t do the same to the phones.
  3. LG: their software overlay isn’t one i choose to deal with.
  4. HTC: nice phones..but impossible to repair because they are even more proprietary than apple. You can at least get an Iphone apart with the right tools..no tools exist for the HTC phones.
  5. Finally the lifecycle of a phone even from Google is two years. That’s pretty absurd these days.

Sprint coverage is not good in my section of town.  The booster from sprint and androids do not play well. Also the sprint network has been messing with android devices quite a bit lately. None of these happen with iphones.

Apple: Hardware is usually top notch. They are now supporting phones for at least 3-4 years. Case in point IOS9 will go all the way back to the iphone 4S and IPAD2. That’s 4 years folks. So while i chafe at the closed environment of Apple and the lack of openness, I will willingly go to the dark side until such time as an android manufacturer comes out and addresses these issues. There are nice android phones out there but I’ve grown weary of the various issues i have raised. So for now it is an Iphone6+ for me. How long will i stay with Apple?  Until i get tired of it…or i switch to verizon/att and can get the phone i really want…blackberry…:) The phone arrives Monday or Tuesday. This does not mean i am turning from the pc world. I am fully a pc guy..:)


*update* With the new Nexus phones one is made by Huawei whom I most assuredly do not trust.  The smaller nexus by LG is a good phone but I have already bought my 6+ and will hang onto the iphone for a month or so before deciding if i want to go back to my nexus 6.

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